The Blog is live!

One of the things we’re doing with this site is to add a blog. This is so that we can post updates to our website regularly to keep you all informed on what we are up to. I’m also setting this up so that if you want to just read what we’re doing without going to the main site, you can just type in and you’ll be able to view all of our posts. The only thing that will show up on the main site’s page right now are things that we classify as news.

I am still working on sorting through the thousands of products that we can offer and trying to make it easy to find what you want. We have several things planned. We’ll have a main store, a store where we offer specials on products, a social media focused store, site to do raffles and contests, an exclusive offering site, and more!

Each site is going to have a slightly different feel to it to so that I can optimize how the content is delivered to you. There really is not a good way to have one site that does everything, and keep performance at a high level. Hopefully you’ve noticed that our collection of websites are really freaking fast. I spent some good money and am spending a lot of time making sure that it stays that way for you. Even if you’re on a slow connection, I am keeping a lot of the content optimized so that it scales to your connection or device. Keep checking back regularly to see what changes are happening. Some will be slight, but some will be very dramatic.

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