We’ve been hard at work producing videos on social media, and completing projects. We’ve also been teaching each other different techniques and how to do different parts of each other’s jobs. The Rona lockdowns have definitely disrupted our operations, but we are taking full advantage of the situation to try to realign our business so we can make it to the other side of this.

We’re still adding products to the website, and organizing, and fixing problems. This project has grown into its own beast of a project with multiple legs. I found a way to get better pictures, because it was driving me insane that the pictures from one of our wholesalers were so terrible. I’m also trying to keep it easy to navigate even though there will be thousands of products in the store.

Videos! We are doing a bunch of short videos right now, and we’re getting ready to do some other long form videos to show you guys what we do. We have a lot of capabilities, and we also spend down time learning about other ways to get things done. When we get an unusual request, it normally requires testing. So, we want to start showing you some of those things. We find it all very interesting and we think that you will too. Not everything goes according to plan (otherwise this website would’ve been done months ago), but we want to show you some of those problems that we often run into even on simple projects.

For now, give us a call or shoot us an email if you need anything and we’ll get you taken care of! The contact page has all of our information, a contact form, and a chat widget that works really well. If you’re a business in Wichita Falls, get in touch with us so we can help get your story out there as well!


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