MONTHS of work.

After MONTHS of trying to get products to load into our website and match up to pictures automatically, I’m giving up. I’m going through and adding pictures one by one. The pictures that one of our wholesalers provide were of mixed quality. I don’t want that to be how we’re represented. It may take a while, but our online store is being populated. Anything that you see show up on there you can buy. The price includes shipping, and one engraving. We rarely have to charge for an image conversion, but we will contact you if we need to do that, and provide other options. Click the online store link at the top of the main page or visit

If you have any problems ordering online, please contact us and we’ll help make sure you get what you need done. Thank you all for supporting our small veteran owned business here in Wichita Falls. We love engraving all of your personal, industrial and gift items.

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