I just finished getting every product with a decent picture from one of our whole sellers loaded into the online store. Some things need to be recategorized, and I need to add pictures to the categories and sub categories. There are over 2700 items currently loaded, and the prices that are listed should be enough for us to include a standard engraving, and shipping.

After I clean up how the online store looks a little bit, I’ll be adding some more functionality to it. Some things like an upload section where you can upload your own artwork to be engraved with your order. I also want to add a way to get a custom quote, and I’m going to work on a way to change pricing based on bulk numbers. I really want to make this website as easy as possible to order from, and to allow for contact less purchasing if that’s what is wanted. There are some other cool things that I’m wrapping up, but I’ll wait to announce those. That reminds me, I need to finish fixing the main site from where I goofed it up.

Last thing about our online store, I’ll also be adding in a section with our own designs. I’ve got to lay out how I want to do that though, because I’ll be doing everything by hand. Keep coming back. I’m working on this massive project just about every night for at least 2 hours.


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